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7 Things you are going to LOVE about Artisio

August 9, 2022

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7 Things you are going to LOVE about Artisio

Focusing on only one element of Artisio’s functionality is like using a Swiss Army knife exclusively as a bottle opener.

We’ve created ‘built-in’ solutions across the whole of the auction journey, from vendor consignment, Intelligent QR code-driven inventory, stock & asset solutions through to a full CRM system to help you manage your bidders and buyers, pre and post-auction.

Here we’ll highlight several Artisio features which will easily turn Artisio into the central hub for all your team activities:

1. QR Code Supported Stock Management

Artisio delivers a fresh approach to inventory management via QR code which makes our system faster and more automated.

Each function reduces manual process via quick scanning and helps Artisio users save resource time.

QR code functionalities are a quick and easy way to generate information about your inventory, manage catalogue and allow your customers to quickly find the information they need about the lots.

Thanks to QR codes and scanning, your stock management processes within Artisio is greatly simplified and can be executed quickly and accurately.

2. Smart Telephone Bid Management

Artisio offers intelligent telephone bidding functionality to help auctioneers support buyers who cannot attend an auction in person. Our smart script allows us to pair telephone bidders with clerks quickly and efficiently.

Artisio will automatically manage the allocation of clerks based on various criteria and bidder preferences ensuring that clerks and VIP bidders are always paired.

3. Easy customization

The Artisio technical infrastructure has been designed to be easily customisable to suit the individual requirements of a client or auction house. Artisio offers full data integration capabilities with 3rd party providers via API, with the ability to create fully customisable sales, deliver a fully integrated stock management solution, manage vendor consignments and support client valuations via your website.

Artisio’s dynamic structure ensures it adapts and responds seamlessly to an individual auction businesses process. Artisio has the flexibility to fully adapt to any existing or new front to back requirements including any ERP system that needs to be integrated into a client’s internal processes.

Thanks to Artisio’s flexible and adaptable system, client customization requests can be understood at initial consultation and fulfilled upon delivery.

4. Install Artisio on client’s website

Artisio is 100% API based so it’s possible to connect and install buyer and vendor functionality directly onto your website.

Additionally, Artisio actively supports ‘My Account’ functionality, enabling buyers to log in and view their profiles, review their registrations, live bids, invoices and make payments.

On the vendor side, client accounts can be created to allow inventory and documents to be uploaded directly into Artisio’s stock management system. This portal also delivers settlement and payment solutions.

Connecting Artisio to your website provides your business with the tools to ensure faster, more secure payments and will cut down client processing time.

5. Easy integration with third-party software

Artisio is 100% API based, any functionality and data held within Artisio can be synchronized with any third-party software partner which supports API. Artisio offers full data exchange capabilities via API that allows an auction business to integrate Artisio with any third-party application currently used or requested, for example: Integration with eCommerce online payment platforms, accounting software, external marketing automation, marketplace and private bidding platforms.

6. Multi-branching

Artisio offers multi-branching functionality which can be used for better organization, separation and division of company auction data. Regional offices and additional branches can have separate stock management, individual taxes, commissions structures.

Our intelligent permission functionality allows businesses to curate which data can be used and reviewed by each relevant branch whilst also being managed globally. Multi-branching, provides companies with the ability to organize all auction activities faster and more securely, whilst providing flexibility if your business diversifies.

7. Multi-lingual software

Artisio will all enable you to manage and grow your business on an international scale. To enable this, Artisio supports over 25 international languages both within the internal script of the AMS and via translation tools. This unique flexibility allows your business to support branches all over the world and enables staff, in multiple destinations, to be able to use the same system efficiently and communicate with one another and externally with clients effectively.

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