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Auction Management Software

Complete auction software solution enables businesses to manage all front to back online processes
from a centralised, single platform.

From inventory management, vendor and buyer engagement, cataloging, online sales, through to
post auction payments, invoicing and reporting. 
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Inventory Management Driven by Unique QR Coding

Artisio’s Inventory and Stock Management feature enables total integration and tracking, delivering efficient stock control management.

Complete stock interrogation is enabled for inventory items at all levels. From sale category, auction/warehouse location and also  target audience.

Due to the fact that Artisio issues a unique QR code to each and every item, you’ll be able to quickly identify and find your stock via your desktop or tablet device. This enables you to know where every item is at any given time, giving you total control, all the way from consignment to sale and dispatch.

Inventory / Stock Management Driven by Unique QR Coding
Auction Creation & Full Sale Day Support

Auction Creation & Full Sale Day Support

Seamlessly manage your sale and auction process from start to finish with Artisio’s entirely user-friendly Auction Management Module. Effectively manage the whole process from consignment and cataloguing, through to the auction itself and all post-sale administration.

Artisio supports API-enabled Push & Publish catalogue & auction functionality either on auction house website or via web-app. 

Additionally, Artisio delivers the capability to design entirely customised sales with complete online auction marketplace management and integration solutions. 

Customer Management Component

Artisio’s Lightweight CRM makes customer management simple & easy to use

Artisio is a single platform which enables customer interactions to be managed in one place. Sync customer data from your website, timed & live auction platform, third party CRM provider or manually add customer data yourself.

Keep clients updated on important events & interests via targeted marketing

Targeted emails can be created within Artisio based on clients’ bidding history and interests. Pre-formatted templates allow for batch creation and delivery of emails to promote sales & drive bidder and buyer engagement.

Customer Management Component
Smart Payment & Invoicing

Smart Payment & Invoicing

With Artisio’s automated invoice management functionality, save time by auto-generating invoices post auction either as batch or to individual successful bidders.

Quick & secure API integrated payment options can be set up & facilitated with approved payment providers.

Artisio delivers the capacity for buyers to pay any invoices online via links embedded within payment request emails.

Payments can also be facilitated as part of the MY PROFILE area via Artisio’s web app integration.

Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics

Artisio’s reporting & analytics module delivers data insights across every aspect of your auction business.

Take advantage of built-in reporting tools to drive engagement with your clients.

Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics
Multi Branch-Based Setup

Multi Branch-Based Setup

Artisio’s Multi-Branch Setup enables you to manage multiple business locations across multiple territories, within one centralised global system. 

Authorisation controls manage staff access & restrictions across the whole system. Multi branch set up enables the core language of each branch to be set up individually, based on location & requirements.  


Seamless Integration with 3rd Party Partners & Service Providers

Our integration capabilities deliver a seamless working environment. With the capacity to integrate with any nominated third-party platform or provider, complete front-to-back synchronisation is achieved, driven by our open API infrastructure.

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