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Single Use Platform For Automated Buyer & Seller Engagement 
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Single Use Platform For Automated Buyer & Seller Engagement

With My Profile functionality, your customer (buyer/seller) creates a personalized profile on your website in order to tailor their experience with your auction house.

You offer them the autonomy to manage their settings, track and manage items won, access bidding & financial data and pay invoices/settlements on a single page without any extra admin effort from your staff.

Integration of your auction management system (back-office software) with your website results in better customer service and reduced duplication of effort by your staff.

For Buyers

Buyers’ will have total flexibility in viewing, tracking and downloading any relevant invoices via the MY PROFILE platform. Permission can be granted for your buyers to settle their invoices via your specified online payment provider. The option to settle account using bank transfer is also supported.

For Sellers

Sellers & consignors can benefit from the use of MY PROFILE. Sellers have the option of viewing and tracking both their settlements and pay-outs. Permission can be granted to view purchase history and monitor the status of any items assigned to auction houses.

Sellers can submit items for valuation & sale via My Profile. Items submitted will always be placed in the temporary database awaiting approval. Who can use this functionality is up to the discretion of the auction house.

Artisio Back-Office System Automatically Displays New & Interesting Auction Items On Your Website

Artisio Web App will allow you to select lots to display on your website to promote an upcoming sale. You have the flexibility to display lots and featured items on your website automatically from your back-office software.

The Web App is connected to Artisio AMS, which in turn is integrated with your own website, resulting in a seamless data flow from back-office to your homepage. This allows your website continuously display the new & up-to-date items of interest, all with just a few clicks.

Inventory / Stock Management Driven by Unique QR Coding
Auction Creation & Full Sale Day Support

Discover How The Combination of Artisio Web App, Artisio AMS and Timed Auctions Work Together to Streamline your sales

Due to the way that our software is designed, the three main aspects of Artisio - AMS, Web App and Timed Auctions work effortlessly together, ensuring that everything is covered in terms of your auction processes - fully unlocking all available features.

Smooth data flow and process streamlining combine to deliver efficient workflows, reducing admin time.

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