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Timed Auction Software

Offer and sell lots through your own website using Artisio’s auction bidding software.

From lot ordering, starting price, reserve and estimate management, through to bidder & buyer approval,
start and end times controls, all via our single view dashboard.
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Fully Integrated with Artisio AMS

Our Timed Auction solution is entirely integrated with Artisio AMS, allowing you to create sales at the click of a button, meaning you can quickly upload your catalogue directly from Artisio AMS.

Artisio acts as a centralised platform, ensuring sales from front to back are managed effectively. All aspects of auction data are automatically collected and synced via Artisio AMS, allowing you to run detailed analytics of your auctions, both in real-time and post-sale.

Notify your buyers of important upcoming sales that are relevant to them. Take advantage of customisable email and text notification templates to keep your customers fully up to date so they never miss a lot.

Inventory / Stock Management Driven by Unique QR Coding
Auction Creation & Full Sale Day Support

Timed auctions white-labeled as part of your website branding

Artisio Timed Auctions integrate seamlessly with your existing website, including your own branding and colours.

Timed auction styling, user interface, and item display layouts are easily customizable to align with your brand identity. You can customize Artisio Timed Auction module yourself or our tech team will assist you.

Artisio Timed Auctions are entirely mobile-friendly. Offer your buyers the ability to bid from all devices, anywhere, at any time!

Always-on timed auction & Traditional timed auction models

With Artisio Timed auctions you can create and list each lot as an individual sale item with it’s own unique configurations. These items can be uploaded, listed, offered for sale or removed at any time. ‘Always-on’ sales can be continuously run on your website.

We also offer the traditional timed auction model, where you can create & run auctions based on specific categories. These sales feature a start and an end time, all items are listed in numerical lot order and sold sequentially.

Inventory / Stock Management Driven by Unique QR Coding
Auction Creation & Full Sale Day Support

Bidder registration

Standard bidder registration process for sales

Standard user registration, authentication and personal information management, supported by SSO (single sign-on) for third-party website applications.

Entirely customisable filtering

Buyers can filter & sort lots based on category and their interests. With Artisio’s Timed Auction solution, pre-configured filtering description fields, related to any category associated with the lot, can be accessed at lot level. 

You will have full control of which filtering categories are used in relation to your auction or lots. You can display filtering/category fields on your timed auctions with just a few clicks.

Inventory / Stock Management Driven by Unique QR Coding

All types of bidding configurations supported

Artisio’s Timed Auction module has the capability to support all bidding configurations, whether incremental or non-incremental, allowing you total control of how you run your timed auctions.

Incremental Bidding

Restrict users from submitting bids outside of predetermined bidding increment tables. 

Tier-Based Incremental Bidding

Set specific increment bid levels based on pricing tiers. With the flexibility of increasing/decreasing increments based on the current bidding trend of the item. 

Incrementally Unlimited Bidding

With this configuration, there is no next bid limit, but rather the next bid amount should be a multiplication of the pre-defined increment. 


Provide bidders with the power and flexibility to leave their maximum bid (incremental or non-incremental value), and let the system bid automatically on their behalf. 

“Buy now” option

Indicate a ‘Buy Now’ amount on a given lot and allow buyers to purchase the lots right away, skipping the bidding process.

Unlimited Free Range Bidding

Give full flexibility to your buyers, allow them to bid any amount without restriction.

Bidding typesBidding typesBidding typesBidding typesBidding typesBidding types

My Profile

My profile is a single platform where clients can control their settings, access their bidding history, view and pay invoices/settlements, and more.

For Buyers

Artisio web app provides buyers with the flexibility to view bid history, track and download their invoices from the My Profile section.

Grant permission to buyers to pay their invoices online (Auction Houses can use their preferred online payment provider, default for Artisio is Stripe. Bank Transfers are also supported if an online payment solution is not offered).

For Sellers

Enable your consignors to view and track their settlements, receipts and pay-outs.Allow sellers to view the sale history and track the status of their items consigned to sale.

Your sellers and consigners can submit items for valuation & sale directly to your auction house from their online profiles. You have full control of which sellers are permitted to use this functionality.

Submitted items are first placed in a temporary database for review and are not transferred to active inventory unless approved by the Auction House.

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