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How Artisio takes the stress out of auction inventory management?

August 11, 2023

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How Artisio takes the stress out of auction inventory management?

Gone are the days when managing your auction inventory was a laborious, manual process that drained internal resource and remained prone to error. With Artisio’s powerful auction inventory management software and integrated solutions, staying in control of your inventory is always seamless and stress-free.

How does it work?

Artisio offers a dynamic, future-proof solution to stock management, storing all information in one place with users able to manage and monitor their inventory anytime, anywhere. Through a range of helpful filters it is possible for team members to interrogate stock by location, sale category, target auction or even specialist valuer.

Using a QR-based stock system, Artisio helps to remove the time-intensive manual processes traditionally associated with inventory management. This tracking tool means that auction businesses are able to identify unique stock items as they move through warehousing, sales room locations and sale allocation. Dynamic QR coding also makes it possible to link physical inventory items with front-end website and online sale catalogues.

For the modern auction business, keeping on top of inventory is essential. So, being able to complete audits, track movement and monitor sales in real time can help revolutionise your service and elevate you above competitors.

Built to be intuitive and user friendly

At the most basic level, any new software that an organisation adopts should make life easier. And with auction management software this starts with a user-friendly dashboard. From our carefully designed dashboard, stock management presents key inventory information in one place and helps you monitor the assets within your business, as well as managing the general flow of your business.

Getting on top of stock management

For auction businesses familiar with using excel spreadsheets for cataloguing inventory and managing stock, transitioning to the Artisio platform couldn’t be easier. Simply import fields from your pre-existing spreadsheets and upload accompanying images to keep all data in one place.

The purpose-built platform offers a fully customisable description field for inventory, while templates can also be customised for various types of items to make bulk uploads fast and efficient. There are also dedicated functionalities in-built to manage the shipping and collection of items.

And what about data security?

Well, stock management is access controlled, which means that it is possible to customise permissions for each staff member by role. Data input validation rules can also be put in place to minimise the risk of human error.

Stock interrogation

The larger an auction house’s data set the more important it is to have a customisable and versatile stock interrogation search function. Our platform and stock interrogation tool incorporates a host of standard filters, as well as offering a number of customisable options. So, whether you prefer to utilise description tags, lot categorisations, date ranges or even receipt numbers, you’re never more than a click or two away from the item you need.

Should you need to export data from the management software, you can do so via excel or pdf for reporting purposes.

More to QR than meets the eye

QR codes have grown in popularity over recent years. Whether it’s downloadable menus in restaurants or embedded videos in marketing materials, they are a handy and helpful tool in many circumstances.

But in helping to move auction businesses forward, QR code technology is particularly powerful. Here’s how:

Moving items from one location to another couldn’t be simpler. A quick scan of a QR code is all it takes when moving from vault to warehouse to saleroom.

Item view
Scan the QR code assigned to an item and instantly access all the relevant information you need.

Live bidding
QR codes also make bidding on an item a piece of cake. Should a buyer wish to place a bid on an item, they can simply scan the code on the lot label or catalogue and they will be redirected to the web page where the auction is taking place.

Find out more about how Artisio can improve your inventory management today by booking a demo.

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