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The 360-Degree Customer View in Auction Management

September 20, 2023

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The 360-Degree Customer View in Auction Management

Understanding and effectively managing customer interactions is essential in any industry, and for auction businesses it’s no different. By understanding buyer interest, how they engage with your business, and what they need to enjoy a positive customer experience, auction businesses can deliver and maintain the very highest standard of service – maximising profits and improving reputation in the process.

As technology has evolved, customer expectations have grown. So, it’s no surprise that recent research found a close correlation between a good digital experience and revenue generation. In fact, it is estimated that 70% of consumers spend more with companies that offer “fluid, personalised, and seamless customer experiences”.

So, how can an auction business provide a superior service? At Artisio we believe in working smarter for customers, not harder. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive auction management system that puts control and insights at the fingertips of auction businesses – whether they specialise in art, antiques, retail, P&M or industrial equipment.

Our platform is trusted by organisations around the globe to streamline operations and enhance productivity. Read on to find out what our powerful management software and integrated systems can offer you.

A single platform for comprehensive management

At its core, Artisio offers auction businesses the ability to manage clients, bidders, suppliers, and partners in one place. Users can either manually add a customer within the Artisio platform or effortlessly sync customer data from external sources such as a website, timed auction modules, or any pre-existing CRM.

This provides you with a single destination when seeking key information, storing data in a way that is both convenient and secure. It also enhances collaboration and information between team members –an improvement that studies have shown can make a big difference to the smooth operational running of an organisation. In a recent report from Zendesk, it was found that 72% of business leaders believed that operational efficiencies could be achieved by merging teams and responsibilities that focused on the customer experience.

360° Overview of Client Interactions

Artisio takes pride in its comprehensive 360-degree view, simplifying the tracking, analysis, and monitoring of buyer/seller interactions for auction businesses.

Our integrated platform empowers auction businesses with the ability to centralize data from third-party resources via our API capabilities.

As Artisio CEO and Co-Founder, Berdia Qamarauli, explains:
"With all the information in one place, auction managers no longer need to navigate multiple platforms to access customer interests, contact details, or consult third-party financial activity graphs for their buyers and vendors.This optimization streamlines their workflow and frees up resources."

Streamlining auction management back office activities

There are a variety of key features within Artisio’s auction management software that are designed to make customer care easier and more rewarding for auction businesses. These features include:

  • Seamless customer creation & data syncing: Artisio provides options to connect with various platforms, be it a website, timed auction module, or any third-party system via API. There's also a built-in capability to automatically sync customer data to Artisio AMS.
  • Personalised client setup: Every auction house is unique with their own specific requirements. In fact, 62% of consumers agree that personalised recommendations are better than general ones. That’s why the Artisio platform is flexible and easy to shape around individual needs. The platform offers personalised client setups and auction fee management, bidding limits applied at various levels, and a dedicated single point of access to customer dashboards.
  • Intuitive customer dashboard: A quick view of all key information in one place to make prioritising actions and gaining insights simple and easy.
  • Transparent financial management: Artisio empowers users with tools for a full review of financial activities. Buyers and sellers can access data any time and anywhere. This includes pre-auction checks on bidders via card authorisations, dedicated sections to manage buyer premiums, vendor commissions and VAT calculations, as well as the ability to adjust commissions per inventory item for specific customers.
  • Audit trail & activity log: With Artisio, transparency is paramount. The platform logs every action, detailing staff member name, change date, and the specific activity. Users can track, retrieve, and even restore any sensitive data that might have been changed in error.

Safety and compliance

Data security is an essential factor for any modern auction businesses. Not only does the risk of a data breach mean financial chaos, but it can also put the reputation of your business in jeopardy.

Organisations can rest easy knowing that Artisio is rigorously tested to ensure safety, security and compliance with GDPR standards. All bidder and buyer data are encrypted, ensuring utmost confidentiality. Additionally, the platform boasts comprehensive KYC and AML onboarding capabilities, which means all users meet the highest standard requirements for ID and supporting photos.

Try Artisio’s auction management software for yourself

Artisio is revolutionising auction management with its 360-degree customer view, ensuring auction businesses can manage their operations with unparalleled efficiency and transparency. Whether you're an established auction house or preparing to hold your first auction, Artisio promises to deliver an experience that combines customer management, financial oversight, and security into one seamless package.

Find out more about how Artisio can improve your auction management today by booking a demo.

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