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Auction Finance Management - Streamlined Payments, Invoicing & Settlements - All in One Place

October 5, 2023

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Auction Finance Management - Streamlined Payments, Invoicing & Settlements - All in One Place

Artisio’s market-leading auction invoicing software ensures that payments and invoices are stored, shared, and sent securely.

Managing payments, invoices and settlements is an intrinsic part of the day-to-day processes for any auction business – and any business for that matter. Buying and selling assets is the very foundation of auctioneering, but not every auction business manages its financial operations in the most efficient and accurate way.

Artisio have worked hard to build solutions into our auction management software that save time and resources, cutting down on mistakes caused by too much process. Using our platform, businesses can benefit from automated post-sale invoice calculations, and financial activity reports for both vendors and buyers. Artisio makes managing payments easy, whilst also prioritising information security and data protection. Let’s take a closer look.

Automated invoice management: free up time to focus on other areas of work

Organising invoices can be a thankless task– one that consumes time and resource effort that could otherwise allocated more proactively. With Artisio’s auction management system, post-sale invoices are generated automatically via email, meaning successful bidders are notified quickly and efficiently. Emails can be sent as batches and individually, and there is always the option to edit and send each invoice manually.

Auction houses are given the ability to create and manage invoice tax details easily, with tools to automatically calculate VAT and tax additions. Managing buyer’s premiums and extra charges can also be handled on either a buyer or lot level.

Effective and secure payment management

According to Cybercrime Magazine, data breaches and other cyber attacks cost a staggering $10.5 trillion globally each year, and payment information is often the number one target. Artisio offers auction businesses a quick and secure payment solution through seamless API integrations with approved online payment providers.

Invoices can be settled through embedded, secure payment links, or via the Artisio Web App integration. Creating and completing untraceable payments, such as bank transfers, with payments, wire, cash, and cheque options can all be facilitated in one place.

Managing invoices and settlements is easy with Artisio WebApp

Our Web App is a client-facing platform that makes it simple for buyers and sellers to manage their payments and invoices.

Clients – whether buyers or sellers – can create a personalised profile to tailor their auction journey experience with your business, helping to ensure that you can meet and exceed their expectations on front to back delivery. Customers can manage their settings, track, and manage items, access bidding and financial data, and – crucially – settle invoices on a single page through our frictionless app experience.

Web App and auction management software

Through Artisio Web App integration, payments can be easily facilitated. Automated invoice management functionality means that auction businesses can save time by auto-generating invoices. Artisio’s auction management software provides buyers with the choice of paying any invoice online through secure embedded links, or through our secure Web App.

  • As Alex Qamarauli, Product Owner at Artisio, explains, “We understand that auction businesses and their customers value speed, efficiency, and security when it comes to transactions. Through our seamless and rigorously tested Web App we can help an auction house to build trust and create a satisfying user experience.’’


Integration with any 3rd party payment provider

If your concern is the potential cost impact of introducing effective auction management and cybersecurity into your organisation, then Artisio has the solution. Artisio can integrate seamlessly with your existing payment providers. Our auction management software can be integrated with any nominated third-party platform or service provider, including Stripe, Xero, Mailchimp and more.

This means that our platform integrates with the business-critical tools that auction teams are already familiar with, whilst transforming time-consuming, manual back-office tasks into fully automated operations.

A full list of our current integration partners can be found here.

Auction management software is making a real difference

Our auction software is supporting and transforming some of the world’s leading auction companies such as Venduehuis der Notarissen. Venduehuis may have been successfully auctioneering for more than two centuries – since the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte – but they are embracing and taking on the challenge of modern innovation head on.

By introducing Artisio’s auction management system and timed auction software into their infrastructure, Venduehuis have successfully begun streamlining their payments and invoicing, freeing up time and effort to spend elsewhere. You can read more about our work with Venduehuis der Notarissen here.

Discover Artisio’s payment and invoice management software for yourself

With a 360-degree approach to automated auction management, Artisio is helping auction businesses around the world manage their operations with efficiency, transparency, and security. With Artisio powering your back-office processes, you can navigate all factors of your auction management – including payment, invoicing, and settlements – all in one, safe place.

Find out more about how Artisio can improve your auction management today by booking a demo.

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