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How Does Artisio's Multilingual & Multibranch Support Streamline Auction Business Operations?

October 17, 2023

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How Does Artisio's Multilingual & Multibranch Support Streamline Auction Business Operations?

The global nature of today’s online auction landscape means that businesses need to more adaptable in meeting the diverse needs of their clients across multiple territories and countries. This expansion paves the way for increased commercial opportunities and a wider reach for auction businesses. However, the reality of managing the logistics powering this expansion is a complex and multifaceted operation, where a multitude of variables and languages can intertwine to create a daunting challenge.

But what if there was a way to turn this complex puzzle into a smoothly synchronised operation, where every branch and language work together seamlessly, resulting in a flawless performance?

Enter Artisio's Multilingual & Multibranch Support, a game-changer for companies who trade in multiple territories, that is redefining how auction businesses operate on a larger scale.


Effortlessly Managing Multiple Branches in One Installation

Whether your auction business operates in different countries, regions, cities or simply across various offices, Artisio's Multilingual & Multibranch Support module empowers your business to streamline diverse operations, simplifying complex tasks, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring that each branch's unique requirements are met.

  • Mark Holdaway, Head of Sales at Artisio: "We understand how increasingly important and challenging it is for auction businesses to manage multiple business locations across multiple territories. Efficiency suffers without a centralised platform, leading to data flow and logistical errors.  When we created Artisio, centralisation of process across multiple sites and a scalable core environment, were always the priorities we focused on from day one."

Branch-Based Configurations

With Artisio, you gain the ability to create branch-specific configurations and access controls for each location, all within a single Artisio auction management software installation. This means you have total control over the individual settings for each branch while maintaining a unified management approach. Here's what this powerful feature offers:

  • Branch-Based Configuration: Customise tax schemes, VAT tax rates, buyer premiums, vendor commissions, seller fees, and additional taxes and charges for each branch, tailoring invoicing and settlements to specific regional requirements.
  • Multilingual Interface: Artisio's translatable and branch-based user interface allows team members in different branches to work in their preferred language, enhancing efficiency and user experience.
  • Branch Branding and Customisation: Create branch-specific branding, formatting, and document structures for invoices, settlements, and other exports, maintaining a consistent brand identity while allowing for regional adaptations.
  • Custom Notifications: Implement branch-specific custom notification templates that automatically inform buyers, sellers, and Artisio users about important events through email and text messages, ensuring everyone remains well-informed.
  • Item Location Management: Manage item locations and storage areas on a branch-based setup, making it easy to track assets across multiple locations.
  • Live Auction Support: Configure auctioneer clerks and preferred languages on a branch-by-branch basis for live auctions, ensuring smooth operations for your unique setups.
  • Department and Category Management: Artisio's admin panel empowers businesses to create custom tax schemes, VAT tax rates, buyer premiums, vendor commissions, and additional taxes and charges tailored to specific categories.

Individual Permissions & Access Levels

Artisio's Multilingual & Multibranch Support module offers robust individual permissions and access controls, granting precise data access based on roles and responsibilities. Here's how it works:

  • Modular-Based Permissions: Assign permissions to read, view, delete, or export data individually to each staff member, focusing on specific modules like stock, inventory, invoices, and marketing.
  • Department-Based Permissions: Building on modular permissions, this feature adds an extra layer of data access filtering. Staff members with access to certain modules will only see data relevant to their assigned department.
  • Account Manager-Based Permissions: Staff members with access to specific modules see only the data they are assigned to manage as account managers, enhancing data security and streamlining operations.

In the ever-evolving world of auctioneering, Artisio's Multilingual & Multibranch Support is a pivotal tool for modern auction businesses that prioritise efficiency and accuracy. It centralises operations and empowers businesses to manage diverse branches, offering customisation, language flexibility, and precise access controls.

Discover Artisio's Multilingual & Multibranch Support for Yourself

With Artisio, you have the power to centralise your auction business operations, no matter how diverse or geographically dispersed they may be. By harnessing the capabilities of the Multilingual & Multibranch Support module, you can streamline your auction operations and enhance your team's productivity.

Find out how Artisio can transform your multibranch auction management by booking a demo today.

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