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Rares selects Artisio as its tech partner for their new Online Auction Platform!

November 7, 2022

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Rares selects Artisio as its tech partner for their new Online Auction Platform!

Rares is a social investing platform and the first alternative marketplace exclusively for highly valued and graded assets such as comic books, trading cards, video games, and of course high-end and desirable sneakers! Rares is launching its Auction Platform to offer enthusiasts and collectors alike the ability to buy and invest in rare, collectable, and investment-graded assets.

Teaming up with Artisio will allow Rares to streamline its auction processes and run a smooth, error-free marketplace through Artisio’s intelligent bidding software.

As for Artisio, this signals an expansion into new territory, as the Rares brand itself is a first-of-its-kind fully vertically integrated one-stop shop for investing in collectable culture.

This partnership demonstrates that Artisio’s versatile tech architecture and core functionalities can accommodate all online auction business requirements, from industrial, retail and fine arts to innovative and transformational platforms such as, dedicated to revolutionising sneaker culture.

Rares Product Director,  John Azzaro, said:
“Our experience with the Artisio team has been amazing. From the beginning, the Rares team was immediately impressed by the level of experience, knowledge, and genuine passion for all things AMS that Artisio brought to the table.

Our in-depth conversations […] were extremely friendly, professional, and highly objective. And of course, the product was incredibly impressive as well, from the high level of customizability on the front end to the numerous features on the back end. Artisio is a genuine, comprehensive, and no-compromise AMS solution.

[…] As a veteran product manager with over 10 years of experience working with business partners of all shapes and sizes, I can honestly say that Artisio is at the top of my list of best partners to work with.”

Rares Co-Founder & CMO, Hector Tantoh, said:
“From a marketing standpoint it was important that adding a new product feature enhanced our customer experience without confusing them.

Artisio was able to provide a very customizable solution for us that kept our core brand elements the same, so our customers knew they were dealing with the same brand they have come to know, but added the desired functionality for an auctions engine. This is the best of both worlds for us and a big part of the reason why we decided to partner with them.”

Artisio Co-Founder & CEO, Berdia Qamarauli, said:
“Our aim at Artisio is to become the world’s leading auction management software provider across all industry levels. Partnering with Rares, a first of its kind marketplace and social community investing in sneaker culture, demonstrates just how incredibly versatile Artisio AMS is as a product.

In time, we will enable Rares to execute online sales via their web platform and target exciting new markets as well as fresh buyer and collector cohorts. Additionally, engaging with Rares continues to strengthen our position in the US, which is a very important market for us.”

Artisio’s collaboration with Rares expertly demonstrates just how quickly the auction software market is moving forward, together with the versatile demand for such a product. Artisio being able to provide their services to Rares is a testament to both their software innovation and market-leading approach to auction software.

About Rares
Rares is an innovative social investing platform and alternative asset marketplace exclusively for sneakers. Regulated by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (S.E.C.), it provides a safe and secure environment for sneaker investors to buy and trade fractional ownership of extremely rare assets (i.e. sneakers). It is the only S.E.C. regulated stock market exclusively for sneakers.

About Artisio
Artisio is a full front-to back auction management software solution & online bidding platform, that helps businesses run online auctions and streamline auction back-office processes.
From inventory management, sale & auction creation, vendor & buyer management, payment & invoicing, all the way to selling lots through your own website, all via our integrated back-office solution & online bidding platform.

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